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Body Walk in Jackson County: Pascagoula December 14, 2010

The last trip of 2010 for Body Walk was to Jackson County, Pascagoula. It was a FANTASTIC trip. Evelyn Deangelo booked Body Walk for her county. The success of Body Walk depends on how organized an agent is in preparing the way for the exhibit. Evelyn worked with the Assistant Superintendent, Ms. Dammen, representatives from 11 schools and many volunteers to make this project a success in her county. Being set up for a full week and seeing so many students is a huge undertaking and she pulled it off wonderfully.

The exhibit was set up in the Family Interactive Center. This was an ideal facility for Body Walk. The main room was a huge gym with sound and shock absorbing floors.  At one end was a stage with a pull down projector screen so the waiting kids could watch an Organwise guys video.  Beyond that was a block room full of pieces of wood and small toys were kids could build and create. There was also a wetlands room. The wetlands room was fully painted with murals on all the walls. There was a child sized dock and real boats for the kids to walk on and sit on. These two rooms were great for kids who had finished touring the Body Walk, but still has a long wait before they could get back on the bus to return to school.

The block room and the green wall

The block room and the red wall

In the wetlands room

The play dock and the boat kids could sit in.

We saw over 1200 kids from 11 schools and one homeschool group. We set up on Monday. The superintendent of the Pascagoula school district offered her grounds crew as our set up and take down crew. These gentlemen did a wonderful, fast job of unloading the truck. They listened to every direction, and the exhibit was set up in a very short time. Take down and truck loading was a smooth process as well thanks to their great teamwork performance.

After set up, Evelyn showed me the simple costumes she had made for the volunteers to wear. In the manual, there are costumes suggestions for each station, but wearing a costume is not required. She made simple smocks with a felt picture of the front of a stomach, heart, lungs, and bones. She made tie on muscles for the muscle station, and an ‘intestines’ belt for the small intestines presenter to wear. The felt stomach opened at the top, allowing the presenter to reach inside and pull out pictures of healthy foods. I’m not sure how thrilled the students were with the costumes but the presenters LOVED them.

Heart, Lung, and Bones volunteers wearing smocks sewn by Evelyn Deangelo.

Inside the Brain station.

Allied Health and adult volunteer

Inside the stomach station. The stomach costume has a pocket hiding pictures of good foods.

A clean mouth is a happy mouth

Tuesday, we saw children from Cherokee, and Martin Bluff elementary school. Wednesday, we saw the 1st and 2nd grade from Eastlawn, College Park, and Beach elementaries, as well as children from the 4-H club homeschool group. Thursday, we saw students from Arlington, Jackson, and Gautier elementaries. Friday, we saw kids from Central, Singing River, and Lake elementaries.

Our volunteers each day were a mix of parents, teaching assistants, and adult volunteers. On Thursday, we also had allied health students serve as presenters in the exhibit. It was a long, exciting week. It was a great way to end 2010. Next year promises to be another great one for Body Walk.

From MSU and Body Walk, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Body Walk in Washington County December 1, 2010

The last two days of November were cold, wet, and stormy but that didn’t stop Body Walk from bringing a message of good health and good nutrition to the children of Leland Elementary School in Washington County.

Body Walk worked with Lionell Hinds to make it all happen. We saw K-5th grade. The presenters were a mix of Extension agents and High School honor students. Everyone did a good job of presenting the material. One of the beauties of Body Walk is how there is so much variety in how the material can be presented. For example, at the end of her delivery, the young lady in the muscle station led her group in a rousing cheer of “muscles, muscles, muscles, muscles make you mmooovvveee!” as each group left her station. Needless to say, the students got the message and they KNOW how important healthy muscles are to a healthy body.

Madam Muscle

Once they completed the tour, the students of Leland Elementary knew that they need to be ‘smart from the inside out’. They were thrilled to take home a bookmark, a sticker, and best of all, an activity book with information that mirrored everything they learned on their tour.

Mississipi Body Walk

Body Walk

Next up, Jackson County and then 2011 and a whole NEW YEAR of Body Walk traveling.


Body Walk in Oktibbeha County

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Body Walk travels all over Mississippi, but once in a while we get to work close to home. The week of November 15th, we were as close as we can get. Body Walk was set up in Oktibbeha County, our home county. We were in the Bost building on MSU campus which was very nice.

We saw children from Head Start, Starkville Christian, Starkville Academy, and Sudduth Elementary. We saw Pre-K through 3rd grade. The children were very excited to come to campus. Body Walk was a treat and they loved walking through. Most groups were accompanied by teachers or parent volunteers. Many parents seemed just as excited as the kids.

Our volunteers in the rooms were County Extension agents and dietetic interns. They all did a lovely job, delivering the material in an enthusiastic and engaging manner.

body walk small intestines station

Do YOU know how long your intestine are?

Body Walk mouth station

Brush TWICE a day!

Body Walk Bone station

We're building STRONG bones.

Mississippi Body Walk muscle room

Do you know how many muscles are in the body?

Body Walk skin station Mississippi

Do you know how to keep your skin healthy?

Next up, Body Walk travels to Washington County.