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Body Walk in Attala County: Greenlee School April 22, 2010

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The weather is beautiful. Clear skies, lovely temperatures, and flowers everywhere. Body Walk rolled through this extraordinary weather into Attala County to set up and share the message of smart from the inside out with the kindergartners – 6th grade students of Greenlee Elementary.

Greenlee Elementary

Becky Hamilton of 4-H scheduled Body Walk for her county. She had great help from Gay Fancher, the Body Walk school coordinator, and Bryan Weaver, principal. Arriving for set up, teaching assistants formed a steady line and the truck was unloaded in no time. Everyone worked like a well oiled machine. Soon the exhibit was set up and ready to go. The next day, all the same assistants were on hand, Carolyn Purnell, Extension Area Agent, plus four lovely ladies from Wal-Mart volunteered their time to help Body Walk run smoothly.

The volunteers in each room were very into presenting the material in an engaging way. They utilized the props, and where appropriate, the costumes. There is a shirt in the muscle station with muscles sewn into the sleeves and shoulders.  There is a hardhat and tool belt in the bone station. Our volunteers looked great.

She's also wearing the tool belt.


The children seemed to comprehend the messages of healthy choices and healthy eating so they can be healthy for life. From learning how to keep their brain and heart healthy, to seeing the difference between a pink and black lung, the kids absorbed the material. Quizzed at the end about what they saw, the children called out the right answers to a variety of questions.

Everyone at the school was very excited to see Body Walk. Teachers and staff who didn’t have a class to bring through, came by throughout the day just to see the exhibit.  Everyone did an excellent job and the whole day was a fabulous success.


Body Walk in Scott County: Sebastopol April 19, 2010

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April is rapidly coming to a close and Body Walk just keeps rolling along.

The truck, ready to roll.

Yes, she's parked, but imagine her rolling down the highway.

Recently, Body Walk was in Sebastopol Mississippi to bring the exhibit to elementary students, Kindergarten through 6th grade. Thanks to Anita Webb who booked Body Walk for her county and Misty Arthur who served as the Body Walk school coordinator.

Everything went very well. Allied Health and Student Council high school students served as volunteer presenters in each of the stations. They did a nice job, and the children were happy to hear messages from, in a few cases, an older sibling or cousin.

When the children finished their tour, they eagerly accepted their sticker and activity book. Everything they learned inside the body walk is reinforced in coloring pages, puzzles, fill in the blank, and crossword puzzles.

Sticker and Activity Book


Body Walk in Leake County: Carthage April 15, 2010

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In Carthage Mississippi, Body Walk went to Edinburg School. Here we saw Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Extension agents and Allied Health students helped set up, volunteered as presenters and helped take down the exhibit. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Body Walk all set up.

Wayne Boshart, 4-H, booked Body Walk for his county. He had Body Walk last year at a different school, so he knew what to expect. His experience showed in the planning, coordination and smoothness of the set up and running of the program. Helping him to make it all possible were Tammy East, County Director; Vicki Ganann, EFNEP Youth Educator; Melissa Martin, EFNEP Adult Educator; and Kim Johnson, Allied Health Instructor.

The Allied Health students did a great job as station presenters. From stressing wearing a helmet in the brain room, to water drinking in the small intestine room, to wearing sunscreen in the skin room-they presented the lessons enthusiastically. The kids responded and absorbed much of the information. In the Pathway of Life (the review station of everything just seen on the Body Walk tour) the kids called out the correct answers to the review questions.

The Path of Life

Path of Life, a review of all the Body Walk stations

Children are often surprised to learn how much sugar or fat is in food. They see examples of sugar and fat amounts in the mouth and heart stations. Then, during the review, when asked what is a smart food choice, candy bar or apple-they know the apple is better because it contains less sugar. They know a salad is better than a greasy hamburger, because it has less fat.  Lessons like these are just a few ways Body Walk is working to combat childhood obesity in Mississippi.

Examples of sugar in common foods.

Examples of fat in common foods.

This latest trip was great, thank you to everyone.


Body Walk in Tate County: Sarah and Senetobia

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April has been a great month for Body Walk. We started off the month in Tate county, visiting two schools, Strayhorn Elementary and Senatobia Elementary. Shelli Benton from Extension, Melanie Patrick from Strayhorn, and Cedric Jackson and Mazie Lam from Senatobia made it all possible.

We saw Kindergarten through Fourth grade. Our presenters were high school students. They were full of energy and excited to be teachers for a day. They presented the material with enthusiam and flair. Coming into the gym, the elementary kids were awed to see a big giant head and a big mouth with teeth stools. They could hardly wait until it was their turn to start the tour.

Big Giant Head!

Teeth Seats!

As they exited, the kids all tried to decide their favorite room. Some said the mouth was best-giant toothbrush! Many were just as sure that the bone room was best-fake bones, hardhat, and toolbelt!

Overall, it was a great trip and a great way to start the month.


Body Walk in Hancock County April 5, 2010

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March ended with Body Walk in south Mississippi, about as far south as it is possible to go. Hancock county is one of three Mississippi counties that border the Gulf of Mexico. Here, the air was warm, the sky was blue, and everyone was extra friendly. Arriving at West Hancock Elementary, Margaret Howell the 4-H agent who had scheduled Body Walk for her county, had a team of volunteers ready to go to unload the truck and set up the exhibit. They went right to work, and in a very short time, everything was set up in the gym, ready for tours to begin the following day.

Arriving at the school bright and early the next morning, many volunteers were already in the gym, ready to go into their station. They were full of enthusiasm and caffeine. After a brief tutorial explaining the flip chart (there is one, so no cheat sheets needed), and the props, everyone was ready to go. The kids arrived right on time, shoes already removed. It’s amazing how quiet the process can be when shoes can be removed in the hall or classroom before the kids arrive in the gym. Amazing and wonderful.

Many people worked to make this latest stop a success. Margaret Howell a 4-H agent, Joan Thomas a FNP agent, Mary Cordray, a Master Gardener, and Jean Cuevas, the Health and PE instructor, all worked together to make the day a success. Kindergarten through 5th grade toured the Body Walk.  The kids really enjoyed it. Several asked as they came out, could they go through again?

Pictures of Hardy Heart

Part of taking the Body Walk all over the state is getting to listen to the kids while they are inside the exhibit and hearing their answers. For example, here’s what one child said in the stomach station.

Presenter, “What do you eat?”
Student, “Chocolate”
P, “Only chocolate?”
S, “Only chocolate, that’s all I eat.”

Here was someone who truly needed to hear what the Body Walk has to teach, Lol!  Inside the skin station, after the ‘germ’ powder was demonstrated, a child asked, “Are those real germs?” Luckily, the very next part of that presentation is how to kill germs with hand-washing or hand sanitizer.

Children learn so much from each room, but the presenters and educators learn from the children as well. Body Walk is just one way Mississippi is working to combat childhood obesity. Each room stresses the importance of making good choices and what’s more, it reinforces that children can make those choices for themselves, they can choose every day to be healthy.