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Body Walk in Forrest County Hattisburg MS January 9, 2012

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Body Walk wrapped up the first half of it’s 2011-2012 traveling season at Rowan Elementary in Hattisburg MS. We saw K-5th from 4 schools, Thames, Rowan, Hollendale, and Grace Christian. The children had a great time learning to be smart from the inside out. All the schools bussed their kids to Rowan and the children did a great job waiting for their turn to start the tour. Many could not believe the size of the exhibit. One was disappointed to not be traveling inside a real body, and I assured that young man he had watched to many movies.

Felicia Groves booked Body Walk for her county. She was ably assisted by Penny Barnes, BW school coordinator for this project. Between the two of them, BW stayed on track, on time, and a lovely experience for everyone. The maintenance staff for the school helped with the set up and take down. They worked fast and we had the exhibit set up and broken down in record time.

The students started their tour in the Brain station. From there, they picked up a Food Bookmark. They stopped in the Mouth, Stomach, Small Intestine, Heart, Lung, Bone, Muscle and Skin Station. They completed their tour in the Pathway of Life where they reviewed everything they had just learned. The Third graders took a short quiz when they finished. They all did quite well.

Many kids wanted to go through again, a sure sign of a good exhibit. Sadly, one trip was the limit. This was a great BW trip, and a great way to finish the first half of the traveling year.


Light inside the brain station. Here is where all good choices begin.


Teeth stools inside the mouth station. Brushing and limiting sugar are the best ways to keep healthy teeth.


Looking into the stomach. Fill the stomach with healthy food. NO JUNK!


Inside the small intestine station. Drink water for good health. It’s a great nutrition choice.


Make Hearty Heart happy. Exercise each day!


Windy Lungs says, ‘Don’t Smoke!’


Calci M. Bone wants your bones to be strong. Choose milk and calcium rich food.


Strong muscles let you move, reach, stretch and pose. Protein builds muscles, so eat lean meat and choose to move your muscles every day.


Skin covers our whole body. Wash your hands often, and wear a hat while in the sun.

From the interactive learning the children experience in the Body Walk, a foundation is laid for good nutrition, and good health choices in the future. When a child starts a healthy habit, that habit follows them into adulthood. Healthy adults are good for Mississippi.

Happy 2012! I hope it’s a health positive year.


Body Walk in Washington County, Hollendale

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Body Walk started December in Hollandale Mississippi. Lionell Hinds booked BW for his county. We saw 330 students in K-5th from one school. Adult volunteers helped with the set up and take down.

The children enjoyed learning how to be smart from the inside out. They received an activity book and sticker when they finished the tour.


Body Walk in Wilkinson County, Woodville Mississippi

Body Walk wrapped up November in Woodville MS at Wilkinson County Elementary School. This was a nice trip. Ann Davis booked Body Walk for her county. She did a great job organizing the volunteers. We saw 350 students in K-Fifth grade. They were so excited Body Walk had come to their school. When quizzed at the end, most students liked the mouth station best, but the brain and bones were also popular rooms.

At the end of the tour, each child received an activity book that reinforced all the healthy lessons they had just experienced in the exhibit.


Mouth Station. All time favorite.


Activity Book and Sticker


Brain Station and Sir Rebrum



Body Walk in Bolivar County, Cleveland Mississippi

Next up for Body Walk was a trip to Cleveland MS, home of the fighting okra. We set up at Parks Elementary. Here we saw K-Fifth grade from seven schools. Students from Parks, Nailor, Bell, Pearman, HCC, PDS, and Bayou enjoyed learning how to be smart from the inside out.

Being in one location for a week takes a lot of help and coordination. Teacher assistants from each school volunteered in a few stations. College students from Delta State University helped set up/take down, and they worked in a stations. The BW school coordinator was Lynn Hubbard. We also had a lot of help from other Extension agents. Laura Giaccaglia booked Body Walk for her county and she worked tirelessly each day. Kristi Harrison of Bolivar, Jennifer Russell of Leflore, Ann Twiner of Sunflower, Shanna Taylor of Coahoma, Regina Boykin of Humphrys, Duan Walker Regional Broadband Coordinator, Willie Watkins of Sunflower, and Tamara Robinson of Coahoma all helped make Body Walk a success.

From the Brain

The Brain Station


to the Path Way of Life



and everything in between

Body Walk


the students LOVED it. 


Body Walk in Simpson county, Magee Mississippi

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Body Walk traveled to Magee Mississippi and set up at Magee Elementary. We saw K through 2nd grade, 580 students. I worked with Amanda Blakeney and Lorena Lockheart. Amanda booked BW for her county. The children loved seeing Body Walk.

It was a crazy (in a good way) hectic day so I forgot to take pictures. It was a wonderful trip, and next time, I’ll make sure to wear my camera around my neck.


Body Walk in Prentiss County

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Body Walk’s first trip in November was to Prentiss county. Skip Glidewell booked BW for his county. We saw over 400 kids from Wheeler, Baldwyn, and Hills Chapel Elementary schools. We had great volunteers from the community. Set up was in the National Guard Armory which was wonderful as I was able to drive the truck right inside the building.

The students were third and fourth graders. They loved the Body Walk. They asked very insightful questions as they went through the exhibit. At the end, the third graders took a brief quiz on what they learned and as a group, they scored very well. There were 4 correct answers out of 5 choices and the majority of the children got three correct answers.


Two volunteers explaining why we need healthy lungs.


Michael Pruitt, County Director of Benton, teaching the Bones station.


Marea Wilson and Tammy Parker


Our awesome high school volunteers.


Body Walk in Yalobusha County: Coffeeville

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Body Walk traveled to Yalobusha county and set up at Coffeeville Elementary School. Here we worked with great volunteers from Holmes Community College nursing students. They were wonderful volunteers, full of enthusiasm and excitement. I worked with many Extension agents. Pamela Redwine (who booked BW for her county), Brent Gray, Mary Mason Furr, Tracey Robertson, Shelli Benton, and Sherry Radcliff were all on hand to make this Body Walk a success. Body Walk saw 300 K-5th grade students.


Everyone is excited to teach about the brain


Happy to teach about lung health.


Getting into the spirit of teaching by wearing the Bone script costume.


The Coffeeville Pirate plunders bad habits. He knows to stay in top sea-faring shape, he has to exercise.


Everyone had a great day.