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Body Walk travels to Lawrence County: Monticello November 23, 2009

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Body Walk’s last trip before THANKSGIVING was to Lawrence County. This was a fun trip. There were many new faces, and some old Body Walk pro’s. The exhibit was set up in the Rod Paige Middle School gym. Third, fourth, and fifth graders, from three schools, plus home schooled students enjoyed going through the exhibit.

Each time Body Walk is set up and run, it is different because the volunteers are different. This trip, the wonderful woman who worked in the brain station was consistently entertaining. She popped out to greet each group with a huge smile on her face, and a hearty, “Welcome to the brain!”

A smart brain puts safety first.

Most of the rooms were staffed with Extension Agents. It was nice to work with men and women I have seen several times this year already. Having experienced presenters in the stations takes the Body Walk experience to a new level for the students. Thanks to Rocheryl, Patrick, Doyle, Marcus, and everyone else who stepped up once again to spend a weekday teaching children how to be ‘be smart from the inside out.” Also, thanks to Navlean Pittman who booked Body Walk for her county.


Hearty Heart and Windy Lungs




Body Walk in Quitman and Tallahatchie Counties November 20, 2009

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Body Walk split the second week of November between two counties, Quitman and Tallahatchie. As always, the exhibit came together due to the hard work of many Extension agents and volunteers. Sherry Radcliff, Mari Alyce Earnest, Maci Flautt, Shanna Taylor, Charlestien Harris, Don Respess, Ginger Rogers, Shelli Benton, and Ebony Jones are just some of the wonderful people who helped between the two locations.

Agents prepare for another day of Body Walk fun.

Monday, the exhibit was set up in the Y.O.U. Youth Opportunities Unlimited building. Local high school students were the presenters, and at the end of the presentations Wednesday, they helped take down and load the truck.

Shanna and Charlestien

Later Wednesday, agents and adults at Charleston Elementary School helped set up Body Walk. Here, kindergarten, first, second, and third graders enjoyed learing about the body, how to be healthy, and how important it is to eat good food instead of junk food.

Everyone is a good sport to smile for me in front of the mouth station.

In both locations, the students really enjoyed seeing the exhibit, and seeing all the props. Walking around, I heard the gasps of amazement when the children saw the pink lung and the black lung in the lung station. Most young people have no idea just how harmful smoking is until presented with a realistic depiction of a damaged lung. The goal of course is to make an impression, and to encourage the students to be non-smokers for life.

Another fun room to listen in on is the muscle station. It is in this room that students learn what fat in the body looks like, and what a muscle looks like. Kids are eager to learn how to grow their muscles big and strong.

Overall it was a great trip, and I was thrilled to work with so many talented, caring people.


Body Walk in Desoto County: Southaven November 5, 2009

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November started off strong with Body Walk traveling to Southaven Mississippi. I went to Greenbrook Elementary School where agents Carol Sicilia and Joy Anderson were waiting to help bring Body Walk to life. Shelly McLaughlin, PE teacher and organizer extroidinar, was also on hand along with many more volunteers. Together, we had the truck unloaded and the exhibit set up in record time. I was pleasantly surprised to find their gym had a carpeted floor. As far as I know, that is a first for the Body Walk exhibit.

After the morning set up, we welcomed the first group of kids that afternoon. Seeing the amazed looks, and hearing the ohhs and ahhs never gets old. The kids had been looking forward to Body Walk for a while. Many of the classes and drawn pictures, and their artwork was posted in the gym.


Heart Pictures


Teeth and Hearts


Teeth and Lungs

In addition to all the lovely drawings, posted for all to see was the walking Greenbrook Gator, who was also very glad Body Walk had come to his school. I think his big grin gave it away.


Greenbrook Gator

Body Walk is more than just an exhibit. Each child gets a work book and sticker when they finish the exhibit and each school gets a health kit to use to reinforce the information presented in the exhibit. Most schools are excited to receive a health kit, but Greenbrook was super excited. Ms. McLaughlin opened the kit right away, and for the rest of the day Monday, Organ Annie was the star attraction for all the teachers. Organ Annie and Organ Andy come in the kit, and they contain plush organs, the OrganWise Guys. The dolls are a way to show children how we have many organs inside of us, each with an important role to play in keeping our body healthy. Teachers can use Organ Annie and/or Organ Andy as part of health lessons they already plan to cover, or as part of the lesson plans included in the health kit.  The dolls are only one part of the kit. It also contains educational DVD’s, lesson plans, and hardback books. Most schools store the kit in their library to be checked out when a teacher needs it.

Body Walk works because so many people come together to make it happen. I was glad to work with such great agents and volunteers.


Jason Jones, Carol Sicilia, Joy Anderson, Bobbie White, Shelly McLaughlin

If you would like to see a video of Body Walk at Greenbrook, please check out the following link: Greenbrook.