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Catching Up January 31, 2014

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Hello! Has it been months since the last post?

*looks at calendar*

Why yes, yes it has. What happened? The same thing that always happens, TRAVEL. That’s right, the Body Walk exhibit has been traveling, bringing the joy of knowledge to kids all over the state. Where have we been since September? I’m going to tell you! We’ve been to Marshall, Lowndes, Sunflower, Coahoma, Forrest, Lauderdale, Perry, Washington, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Itawamba, and Leflore! We would have gone to Marion but that part of Mississippi was hit with a major ice storm. No worries though, we will see those kids another time. 🙂

Whew! That’s TEN counties and THOUSANDS of kids that have learned how to ‘be smart from the inside out.’

Wanna see some pictures? I know you do.

ImageIsn’t that spooky? Look at that dramatic lighting on the Brain Station. We turned on some inside lights before the kids got there.


Marshall County. These kids were great. I have worked with this Allied Health teacher several years and her high school students are always prepared, excited, and great with the kids. 


Volunteers in the Armory in Sunflower county. This was a great trip. We saw 1050 kids from a total of six schools.


This lady is wearing a cape of knowledge that has purple lightening bolts to match her purple scrubs and her headband is also a purple lightening bolt. The matching-I LOVE IT. She made her cape and headband and if Sir Rebrum could speak, he would say, “Well done.”

So there ya go. A nice update post to let you know that Body Walk is traveling the highways, still bringing health news to Kindergarten-Fifth grade Mississippi students.