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Body Walk in Lauderdale County: Meridian December 18, 2009

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The last trip for Body Walk in 2009 was to Meridian, in Lauderdale County. Here, there were many people who made this last trip of the year a success, and ended the ’09 portion of the traveling year on a high note. Dianne Shannon, the RN school nurse, Judy Crowson, wellness co-ordinator, Ann Compton, Erica Clark, Robbie McKee, and Merrick Jackson, all RN school nurses were on sight to help set up, run the program, and take down. Jerry Burton, 4H Youth Extension Agent, and Josephine Tate, Area Health Agent were a delight to work with.

Hard working Volunteers

Body Walk is designed to accommodate Kindergarten through Fifth grade. In Meridian, Body Walk saw Fifth graders from seven schools. Each county is different, and each Extension agent in conjunction with the school coordinator decides which children will be best served by touring the exhibit.

The presenters for each station can be adult volunteers, teachers, Extension agents, college students, or mature high school students. In Meridian, the Fifth graders were taught by high school Allied Health Students. The Allied Health Students did an excellent job of presenting the material, keeping order in their specific station, and utilizing the props to enhance the delivery of the material.

Allied Health Students lead Fifth graders in exercise after the tour.

At the end, each teacher was given a stack of workbooks for her class, as well as a sticker for the students to take home. The workbooks have exercises to reinforce the material presented in the Body Walk. Thanks to everyone who worked so well together. Meridian was a great way to close out 2009 for the Mississippi Body Walk.

Counting Workbooks and Stickers for all the students.