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being smart from the inside out

Body Walk in Monticello MS September 12, 2012

The second September trip for Body Walk was to Monticello MS. The heat index was still in the triple digits and this really mattered here because we set up in a wood gym with no AC. First and foremost, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who helped set-up, served as a volunteer, or helped take down is a trooper! It was HOT. It was fainting hot.  The volunteers could have left. They are volunteers, they can come or go at will. But they stuck it out. I was pleased to see how everyone rose to the occasion to get the message of ‘smart from the inside out’ to the third and fifth graders who came through the exhibit. Naveleen Pittman booked Body Walk for her county and she made sure to have plenty of water on hand for her volunteers. I think a sprinkler to run through would have been nice, I’m requesting that for next year. 😉

The kids were excited to learn, and they seemed to barely feel the heat. We took their comfort into consideration though. Through a series of fans and clever wall manipulation, everyone was able to focus on what they were learning, and not the temperature.

Fan One

Fan Two

Fan Three


Air vents for the rooms. All the rooms looked like this as we tried to increase the air flow.

Hardy Heart welcomed the kids into the gym. From the first OrganWise Guy, Sir Rebrum, to the last, Madame Muscle, the students had an organ narrator welcoming them to each room and telling them all the ways they can make healthy choices. Each character explained what happens if they make poor choices. They feel bad, they feel tired, or their organs don’t work like they should. But with the right choices, each organ (and thus each person) can stay in tip-top shape.

The kids were surprised to learn their intestines are so long. Peri Stolic and the Kidney brothers taught them that the average length is 22 feet. They also learned in the intestines that water is the best thirst quenching drink. They were not surprised to learn that one of the skin’s functions is to keep us cool by sweating. They had a good time, and they were happy to get their activity book after the tour. Many said they wanted to go through again. 🙂 That’s always nice to hear.

Next up, Pontotoc.




Body Walk in Columbia MS September 10, 2012

The new traveling season has begun for Mississippi Body Walk. A new year of teaching kids how to be smart from the inside out. The past few months have seen the release of more studies highlighting the obesity problem in America. Mississippi is one of the worst states for this problem. Programs like Body Walk are working to reverse the trend. When students tour the exhibit, they learn so many ways and so many reasons to make healthy choices. From their brain to their heart, from their mouth to their lungs, and from their intestines to their skin, they learn how to keep their organs healthy and happy. With healthy organs, they will have healthy bodies.

Body Walk has been traveling since 2005. In that time, we have traveled the state, over and over. We see children who want to be healthy, and who can be, if they are just shown the way. Body Walk is showing the way. We teach the importance of breakfast, why water should be the go-to drink option, and how much physical activity to get each day. Body Walk is a source for children in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. We have been delivering a healthy message for seven years and year eight if off to a GREAT start.

This September, we started in Columbia MS. Columbia has had BW before and the kids love it when BW comes to town. Amanda Woods booked BW for her county.  She worked closely with the local Junior Axillary and the Crown Club to organize, set-up, and staff the Body Walk. These same groups have volunteered in the past, and the BW has always run smoothly thanks to their being so organized. This first trip was a bit hot, as the heat index was in the triple digits (in September!) but at least we had AC in the part of the building were the exhibit was set up.

One of the best parts of this trip was seeing the new stomach wall hanging for the first time. The USDA recently released new recommendations and a new logo for nutrition. The triangle MyPyramid is gone, replaced with the MyPlate logo. That logo is now part of the ALL the BW scripts, and is HUGE in the stomach room of the BW exhibit.

MyPlate is the new logo from the USDA. It clearly shows how to portion food on the plate. Eat more fruit and veggies!

Third grade from two schools came through the exhibit. They were very excited to begin the tour in the brain. Of course, the favorite, as always, was the mouth. It was in this room that the kids got to sit on stools shaped like teeth and they got to use GIANT toothbrushes on the stools. The kids enjoyed the rest of the trip and at the end, they got an activity book and sticker. The activity book reinforces everything they learned in the exhibit. Teachers can use it in the classroom, or send it home for the children to enjoy with their parents.

The teeth stools. Great for sitting and for being brushed with giant toothbrushes.

Next up, Monticello.