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Body Walk in Neshoba County May 15, 2012

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Throughout February, Body Walk traveled many places. This trip it was to Neshoba county on the middle eastern edge of Mississippi. Here, Body Walk saw over 1100 students, in second through fifth grades at Neshoba Central and Philadelphia Elementary. Mike Reed booked Body Walk for his county. The children had a great time learning about good health and good nutrition. Some of them were not quite sure what to expect though. This was overheard at Neshoba Central, before any kids came in the gym to see the exhibit.

Boy A: “What’s the Body Walk?”
Boy B: “It’s where you walk on dead bodies!”
Boy C: “Oh yeah! I saw them bringing them in in body bags!”
Boy B: “Some of them are ok, but some of them are gonna urk on us!”

Boy A looked very nervous at this prospect. He was probably relieved, and the other two disappointed when they all saw what the exhibit really was and what it was really about.  Allied Health students were the station presenters at each school and they did a fantastic job. They presented the material well and kept the children engaged with the lessons. As usual, it was a toss up between the mouth and the brain as being the favorite station. It’s hard to choose between giant teeth stools or a pulsing plasma light as the most cool thing in the exhibit.

Teeth Stools in the Mouth Station.


Plasma light in the Brain station. Simulates nerves firing in the brain.


After the brain and the mouth station, the children continued their tour through the body. Each room taught them about an important organ, why that organ is important and how they can keep that organ healthy. Each room has an activity, to reinforce the message they were hearing. In the heart station, they did 10 quick jumping jacks to feel how their heart rate sped up. In the lung station, they breathed through a straw to feel what lung disease feels like. Nothing like reduced air flow to make a person never want to smoke. After they toured each station, every child received an activity book reinforcing all the health lessons they just heard.

The overall lesson? Be Smart from the Inside Out!


Body Walk in Lowndes county, New Hope Elementary

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Body Walk traveled to New Hope Elementary. This was a great trip. Here, the Kindergarten through Fifth grade got to see the exhibit. The volunteers were Beta Club members from the local high school. They were great presenters, full of energy and enthusiasm. Kim Woodruff, the school nurse was on hand for the entire time. She kept everyone on time, making for a very smooth two days of healthy learning. We set up in the elementary gym. Sharon Patrick booked Body Walk for her county.

The kids had a great time. Every now and again they say something really funny and this trip was no exception.

“Are we getting X-Rayed?”

After seeing the brain model, “Do we have to EAT that?”

“Do we have to touch our own brain?”

“Are we getting a shot?”

“Why WON’T there be anything really scary in the exhibit?”

Another great trip, teaching over 1000 young people how to ‘be smart from the inside out.”