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Body Walk in Rankin County: Brandon January 27, 2010

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Body Walk traveled to Stonebridge Elementary, setting up in the cafeteria. Cafeterias can be great places for Body Walk, especially if there is no gym, activity building, or auditorium available. Cafeterias are where food is served, and food choices are a huge part of what the Body Walk is about. Not only does Body Walk teach the importance of exercise, no smoking, proper teeth brushing, and frequent handwashing, Body Walk also covers good food choices.

Right from the beginning, in the brain, children are shown items that represent proper portion sizes and what foods make the brain healthy and strong vs what foods make it weak and tired. They are given a food bookmark which they carry with them the rest of their trip through the body, and they keep at the end. Smart food choices are covered in the stomach, touched on in the small intestine, heart, and lungs, and then brought up strong again in the bone and muscle rooms. Presenters cover not only healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and supper, but also healthy food for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.Food is a huge part of the lessons imparted by the Body Walk exhibit. How fitting to set the exhibit in a cafeteria where children encounter food choices every day.

Carol Ballard and Sharron Belew from Extension and Sue Townsend and Christy Tigrett from Stonebridge helped make the day a success. It is through the great teamwork of Extension and local schools that Body Walk is able to travel as much, and see as many students as we do.


Body Walk in Union County: New Albany

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Body Walk went to New Albany Elementary School. Gina Wills from Extension and Mrs. Richey from the school were on hand to make sure the day was a success. Here we saw third grade, from four different schools in the county. The children were amazed when they entered the activities building and saw the exhibit up close. Everyone loved the mouth. They wanted to sit on the teeth and use the big toothbrushes.

The sounds of counted jumping jacks filled the space when the kids got to that part of the script in the heart. And as always, the sounds of disgust were audible when the children saw in person the difference between a healthy pink lung and a diseased black lung.

The volunteers did a great job. Without their volunteering of their time, Body Walk would not run as smoothly as it does.


Body Walk in Perry County : Runnelstown January 21, 2010

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Body Walk went to Perry County, to Runnelstown. Here, Liz Saldler of Extension, and Becky Beasley, school nurse were on hand to help oversee the set up, running, and take down. Everything went very smoothly. Upper grade students were the volunteers for each step of the process and they were excellent.

Liz hands out bookmarks between the Brain and Mouth stations.

On the day of the exhibit, Kindergarten through Fifth grade students toured Body Walk. They learned from Beta Club students, who were the presenters in each room. The third graders were excited they were chosen to answer a short quiz after their tour. One first grader, on seeing the mouth, said, “Those teeth are gonna eat us up!” All his classmates laughed. It was explained that no, the teeth won’t eat anyone, they are just fun stools to sit on.

Oh my Body Walk, what big teeth you have!

Overall, it was an excellent trip and we hope we can return to Runnelstown in the future.


Body Walk in Attala County: Kosciusko January 20, 2010

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Attala County welcomed Body Walk to the Boys and Girls Club in Kosciusko. Becky Hamilton of Extension, and Susan McAdams, the school coordinator, helped make sure everything ran smoothly. In Kosciusko, local second and third graders walked through each room. They learned how to protect their head, how to brush their teeth, how long their intestines are, and how big their heart is. As they continued the tour, they learned what happens to your lungs if you smoke, how many bones and how many muscles are in the body, and finally, they learned how to keep their skin protected from the sun and from infection.

Sir Rebreum welcomes you to the Body Walk.

All along the way, they learned how food is important to keep every part of the body healthy. In addition to smart food choices, they learned why a person should drink plenty of water, and get enough excercise. The children absorbed the information so much, that at the end, they were able to share facts they learned during the review station.

Pathway of Life, Body Walk review

The students received a workbook and sticker after they completed Body Walk. The workbook will further enforce all the information they learned from going through Body Walk.


Body Walk in Desoto County: Olive Branch January 15, 2010

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Body Walk returned to Desoto county, this time to Olive Branch. It was great to see old friends and new faces.  Joy Anderson, Carol Sicilia, and Jason Jones were on hand once again to help make the Body Walk exhibit a success.

Working to organize all the details at Overpark Elementary was Angie Halford, RN and school nurse. She did an excellent job, from arranging volunteers to scheduling groups. She also made sure her volunteers had a wonderful lunch both days. Plenty of healthy snacks and beverages were on hand ranging from assorted fruit, granola bars, to water and diet soda.

Healthy Snacks

Cool refreshing water

Kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth,and fifth grade students got to tour Body Walk this time around. The young children were a delight, their “oh’s” and “ah’s” a treat to hear as they entered each new room, and saw each new prop. The older students were not quite as vocal, but their smiles gave them away. All the students were excited to leave with a workbook and sticker.

One sticker and one workbook for each student

Every trip, at least one volunteer stands out for excellent presentation. This trip, the theatrical woman in the small intestine room soared above the rest. This room is smaller than the others, due to half the room being taken up with an intestine pathway, but she didn’t let that stop her. After each group sat, she was on her feet, pointing out the visuals on the huge picture of the small intestines, handing out props, and quizzing the kids on intestine facts, water facts, and kidney facts. She engaged the children and made learning about our guts more entertaining than I have ever heard it.

Drink Water!


Body Walk in Marion County: Columbia January 8, 2010

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Body Walk is off to a great start! We began the year in Columbia, MS. Here, Amanda Woods arranged for the local Junior Auxiliary and the Crown Club Girls to help set up, volunteer and take down the exhibit. Everyone was wonderful! Set up in the Columbia Expo Center was an interesting challenge due to the low ceiling.

Crown Club Members

Usually, when we set up, the truck is unloaded and the tents go up first. We open the tents, then raise them, attach ceilings, attach walls, raise them to the final height, and then set them into final position. Here, we had to raise them, set them into position, and then do the rest of the steps. It was a challenge, requiring some tents to be raised and lowered several times due to having to miss light fixtures. Everyone was a trooper, and with excellent teamwork, we got all the tents positioned and the rest of the exhibit assembled smoothly.

While Amanda oversaw the project, she had great help from Kathy Petty, Emily Knight and Renae Stringer. Each county has different ways of entertaining or occupying the students before or after they finish their turn in the Body Walk. Here, many tables were set up in a different part of the building so the students could color while they were waiting. After they finished, they had a snack. The process went very smoothly.

Crayon tables stretch into the distance.

Basket of Colors

Body Walk saw 400 second graders from four schools, East Marion, West Marion, Columbia, and Columbia Academy.