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Body Walk in Humphreys County February 6, 2012

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Last stop in January was to Humphreys county. Here Body Walk saw over 850 students, K-5th. These were from Ida Greene Elementary, O.M.McNair Elementary, and Humphreys Academy. Regina Boykins, 4-H, booked Body Walk for her county. Our great set up and take down crew were Vo-Tech high school boys from the local high school. They did a good job.

Other Extension personnel who helped were Lionell Hinds, Tara Howell, and Ann Twiner. They were great help, using their knowledge of previous Body Walk programs to help everything run smoothly.

The kids had a great time learning how to “be smart from the inside out.” The third graders took a quiz at the end, to see how much they learned from their travel through the body. They seemed to learn a lot. All the students enjoyed the interactive learning. From this type of experience,  a foundation is laid for good nutrition, and good health choices in the future. When a child starts a healthy habit, that habit follows them into adulthood. Healthy adults are good for Mississippi. 


Front of the Body Walk Exhibit


Body Walk in Tate County

The second stop in January for Body Walk was in Tate County. Here, students from Coldwater Elementary and East Tate Elementary, K-5th, learned how to ‘be smart from the inside out.’ Here, over 900 students enjoyed the exhibit.

Many people helped to make Body Walk a success in Tate county. Shellie Benton, Brandon Alberson, Jessica Lindsey, Amye Zwerschke, and Linda Gordon, all Extension personnel, worked as an amazing team from planning, set-up, manning a station, and take-down. Shellie booked Body Walk for her county. Karan Burns is the Allied Health instructor who brought her students to serve as station presenters in the Body Walk. Her students did an amazing job each day. They worked without complaint. They were great to work with. Linda Wallace is the MS Tobacco Free Coalition for Desoto and Tate. She also worked all week and helped everything run smoothly each day.


Two Allied Health students doing a great job explaining brushing and flossing to younger students.


Allied Health students in the full spirit of Body Walk. They are ready to teach how to get healthy bones.


Allied Health students in the Pathway of Life. Here they reviewed each station with the students to reinforce the lessons.

The elementary students enjoyed the interactive learning exhibit. Because the messages were participatory the information should stick with them, and hopefully, lead to healthy behaviors that will follow them through life.


Body Walk Attala County

January was a great month for Body Walk. I started the month in Attala County at Greenlee Elementary. This was a GREAT school. Kindergarten though Fifth grade toured the exhibit. These were some of the quietest kids to ever tour the Body Walk. When the exhibit was completely full, and a class was lined up waiting to go in, the noise level was still so low, people on the outside of the exhibit could talk at a comfortable level. This is a rare occurrence and one to be remembered fondly.

Becky Hamilton, 4-H, booked Body Walk for her county. Teachers and teacher assistants helped set up and take down. Several worked inside the exhibit as station presenters. Parents and adult volunteers also served as station presenters. Jenny Wood, counselor, helped organize volunteers and Gay Fancher, Child Nutrition Director for Attala county, coordinated with the school and Extension office. These two ladies worked closely with Becky to make the Body Walk experience smooth and fun for everyone.

Mouth room Attala

A great volunteer showing Mr. Gross mouth in the Mouth Station of the Body Walk.

Muscle station Attala

Explaining how our muscles let us move in the Muscle Station.

Almost 400 students toured the exhibit. The third graders took a quiz when they finished. The quiz tests how much they learned from the exhibit. Looking over their answers, they learned they should drink more water, exercise every day, and eat more vegetables. Great progress and a great start to 2012.