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being smart from the inside out

Body Walk in Sunflower County, Indianola and Ruleville April 26, 2011

Body Walk traveled to the Mississippi Delta to bring a message of good health and good nutrition. Ann Twiner booked Body Walk for her county.  We started at Lockard Elementary with a set up crew of adult volunteers and staff from the school. Everyone did a great job. The next day, our station volunteers were sophomores from Indianola Academy. They worked in pairs in each station and were very enthusiastic . The 500+ K-2nd graders who came through enjoyed learning about the Organwise Guys, and how they could stay ‘smart from the inside out.’ They learned what is a healthy snack (fruit over chips for example), how often they should brush their teeth, what happens to lungs from smoking, and more. Susanne Mason was the contact person for the school. She had worked up the schedule and she made sure the teachers came on time. Everything went very smoothly.

Inside the Mouth Station

We all need strong bones.

After our time at Lockard, Body Walk traveled to Ruleville to set up at Ruleville Elementary. Here, the setup crew, station presenters, and take down crew were nursing students from Delta State University. Our school contact was Tiffanie Russell, the school nurse. She set the schedule and did a great job of having the teachers come on time so we were able to stay on schedule.  The 360 K-5th graders who toured the Body Walk learned how to make good food choices and why exercise is so important to a healthy body.

Put good food in your stomach and it will benefit your WHOLE body.

Show us your MUSCLES!

Nursing students are GREAT volunteers.

The Body Walk goal is to reach children at a critical age. The interactive learning of this exhibit empowers them with the knowledge that they do have a choice in what they eat, how they eat, and how much they play/exercise. When children learn early that eating healthy food really does matter, those children will hopefully make good health choices for life. They can “Be Smart from the Inside Out!”

Next stop, Lowndes County.


Body Walk in Oktibbeha County, Ward Stewart Henderson Elementary April 25, 2011

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At Ward Stewart Henderson Elementary in Oktibbeha County, Body Walk saw just over 730 Third and Fourth grade students. We set up in the gym.  Thursday went very well. Extension personnel from Oktibehha and Lowndes county staffed the exhibit and helped set up and take down.

Friday unfortunately was not so smooth. The morning dawned wet and drizzly. As the day progressed, so did the rain. During the lunch break, sirens sounded and all the volunteers had to take shelter in the hall, along with the students and teachers. Just as we were beginning to prepare to see the afternoon groups, the sirens again called out a warning. The students went back in the hall to wait. Sadly, the severe weather lasted the entirety of the afternoon. Even though the last few groups did not get to actually tour, they did receive their activity books, and thus had a way to learn about all the Organwise Guys and why good health is so important. It is sad when they don’t get to tour Body Walk, but nothing trumps the safety of the students. We were glad the school had such smooth severe weather policies in place. The teachers and students knew exactly what to do and where to go to wait out the storm.

It was still lightly raining when we loaded the exhibit into the truck. Everyone was a trooper though, and the exhibit was quickly loaded, ready for the next stop, Sunflower County.


Body Walk in Hancock County, Waveland Elementary

Mid-April, Body Walk went just about as far south as one can go and still be on dry land in Mississippi. Down in Hancock county, Waveland, the students of Waveland Elementary got to tour Body Walk. This is a new elementary school, as the whole school was in trailers for several years after Hurricane Katrina.

This new elementary is very nice. We set up in their half gym. It’s just like a regular gym, only half the size. I loved it because it has one of those new floors that cushions your steps. This type of floor is easier to walk on, and it absorbs noise better. Two pluses when you have an exhibit that holds up to 100 elementary kids at a time.

Margaret Howell-Extension 4-H, booked Body Walk for her county. I have worked with Margaret before so I knew this would be a great trip. Organization is Margaret’s middle name. At the school, Coach Sager was on hand to help with the set up, and to help see that the kids came in properly, as we ran the program. Rarely have I seen such neat quiet lines of students waiting for their chance to begin the tour.

Waveland Elementary is a K-2nd grade school, so we saw all little kids on this trip. They loved going through a giant ear into the first station to learn all about how to keep their brain healthy. From there, it was on to the mouth, stomach, small intestines, heart, lungs, bones, muscles, and skin. There was something fun and interesting to see at each stop along the way. I could hear their gasps of surprise when they saw the black lung model in the lung station. Hopefully, these are children who will never pick up a cigarette.

First stop on the Body Walk tour-The Brain Station

A diseased black lung and a healthy pink lung.

Each room taught them why healthy food, and plenty of exercise are so important to keep their body healthy.  At the end, they received a sticker and an activity book. The book reinforces all the great lessons they learning inside the Body Walk.

Healthy Snacks