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How the heart pumps blood June 23, 2014

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This is a cute, informative video from TED-Ed that I thought you all would enjoy seeing. If you like the video, please share it with others.


Heart Health February 17, 2014

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Hello Body Walkers,

I need something to call you, and since this is the Body Walk Blog, and you are (hopefully) a fan, it seemed natural that you would be a Body Walk-er. Welcome to the expanded blog, where I will be sharing more with you than just recaps of the program, and where the exhibit has traveled.

Body Walk presents many wonderful health lessons. The hope is the listener, after hearing the lessons, the learner will internalize the messages and make better health choices. So, another way to internalize health lessons is to read (or write) about topics that expand on these health lessons. With that in mind, this first post focuses on heart health. February is the month of Love, with a capital L. We think of February as the time to think about all the love in our life; Love of romantic partners, love of friends and love of family. However, do we think enough about self-love? Do we think about our main love organ, the heart? How can we feel all the love we are capable of if our heart is not healthy? If our heart is clogged, or tired, or struggling because of how we take care of it, then we cannot love others to our full potential.

How can you have a healthy heart?

There are TWO main things you can do. Exercise and Food. Exercise will work more than your heart of course, but getting your heart rate up will strengthen this dynamic wonderful muscle sitting in the middle of your chest. A later blog will focus on fun and interesting exercises you can do. Today, the focus is food. What foods can you eat to keep your Love organ healthy? Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats are going to be a great place to start.

If you are not used to eating with the idea of keeping your heart healthy in mind, then making a plan might be a great way to keep you on track. Below is a simple menu of foods you can eat over the course of one day to fuel your body and show love to your heart. This menu is meant to be a starting place, an idea-sparker for you. When you sit down to make your own plan, first make a list of all the fruits and vegetables you like. Plan your meals around the healthy food you already enjoy. As you make good choices, and see that healthy food is tasty food, branch out. Try a new fruit, or a new vegetable. Try making an old favorite in a new way.

Fruits and Vegetables are cute and delicious

Fruits and Vegetables are cute and delicious

As an example, I already like strawberries, but I had never had them sliced up on a salad. I saw a friend of mine do this, and I had to try it. It was WONDERFUL. Now I have a new way to enjoy one of my favorite fruits, and I have a new way to add interest to salads. Do you hate strawberries? Substitute a berry you do like.

Hot Oatmeal with fresh or frozen berries. Orange juice or Coffee with Skim Milk to drink

Grilled Salmon
Medium side salad topped with mandarin oranges slices, sliced strawberries, cucumber, walnuts, and a splash of dressing
Water or Unsweet tea to drink

Grilled chicken breast
Brown rice with cooked veggies stirred in, such as broccoli, carrots, or spinach
Water or Unsweet tea to drink
Sliced cantaloupe for dessert

See how easy that was? Now you have a beginning, a framework to make your own plan. What will you eat tomorrow to show your heart how much you like and appreciate it?

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart-Full of LOVE

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart-Full of LOVE


Body Walk, Greene County, Leakesville June 11, 2013

First stop in March was to Leakesville Elementary. I had been here before, a couple of years ago. It was nice to see a few familiar faces. Mitchell Newman booked Body Walk for his county.

Lovely sign on a lovely day.

Lovely sign on a lovely day.

Just over 450 elementary students learned how to ‘be smart from the inside out’ in the Body Walk. They were taught by great Allied health students from the local high school. They kids loved learning how to keep nine different parts of their body healthy. They loved sitting on the teeth stools and brushing those stools with a giant tooth brush.

Mouth entrance, the stools are ready to be sat on, brushed and flossed.

Mouth entrance, the stools are ready to be sat on, brushed and flossed.


They really enjoyed dancing the ‘churn’ dance in the stomach. Food is churned in our bodies which is part of digestion. They had to be ‘digested’ so they could travel on through the body and slip into the blood stream, which they did after finishing the small intestine room. They flowed to the heart where they learned how to keep their hearts healthy and strong.


Hardy Heart with his vegetable friends. Hardy Hearty knows how to stay strong.

Hardy Heart with his vegetable friends. Hardy Hearty knows how to stay strong.


After that, they stopped at the bone station, the muscle station and the skin station. When their tour was done, they had plenty of information on how to be healthy and grow up tall and strong.

Cutest mailbox ever!

Cutest mailbox ever!




Body Walk in Itawamba County: Fulton February 22, 2010

The end of the third week of February, Body Walk was in Fulton MS, at the Itawamba Attendance Center. Here we saw third and fourth grade students from five schools: Itawamba Attendance Center, Dorsey, Mantachie, Fairview, and Tremont. Ramona Edge, Marie Rogers, and Amy Riley made sure everything was planned out and ran smoothly.

On Friday, nursing students from ICC’s RN and LPN programs came to help. They volunteered to be presenters, entertainers, and walkers. They also helped with the take down of the exhibit. They were wonderful help and all of them did a fantastic job.

Students must take off their shoes to tour the Body Walk. This is to ensure the longevity of the floors of the exhibit. Each county has a different way to store the shoes until they put them back on. In Itawamba, Marie taped off sections of the floor. One box per class. This was a great solution.

Taping boxes for shoes.

While many classes have 20+ students, only one group of 6-10 students enter at a time. Those students waiting for their turn to enter need an activity to occupy them. In some counties this is coloring, or watching an Organ Wise Guys DVD, or reading a book. Here, it was dancing. The activity keep the children entertained and demonstrated Body Walk’s lesson of get plenty of activity every day.

Nursing students led elementary students in dancing while waiting their turn to enter the Body Walk exhibit.

There are nine stations the children see as they travel through the body. In the heart station, they learn how big their heart is, and how much fat certain foods contain.

Look how much fat this yummy food contains.

In the bones, children learn that bones are the framework for the body. Also, you have to eat the right foods to build the framework, the right foods builds your body in the most healthy way possible.

Calcium builds strong bones.

One thing children learn in the muscle room is how many muscles are in the human body. Strong muscles are needed for running, swimming, and riding a bike.

Everyone needs strong healthy muscles.

When the children finish the nine stations, there is a review in the pathway of life. Here they get a chance to think about everything they just learned. Sometimes, the adults like to review what they have learned as well.

ICC Nursing Students

Overall, Body Walk had a great experience in Itawamba county.


Marshall County October 8, 2009

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Rolling right along, Body Walk went to Marshall County. We were greeted by Lemon Phelps and Nancy Green. The facility was a multipurpose building which was well suited for the Body Walk exhibit.  Everyone did a great job and we were happy to bring Body Walk north. Here as in many other counties, each station was manned by high school students. They did a wonderful job and the younger students learned many ways to be healthy.

Lemon Phelps and Nancy Green

Lemon Phelps and Nancy Green

One room that the kids like is the heart room. In this room, or station, they learn about their arteries, their heart (big as their two fists), how low fat food is good for you, and that exercise helps keep your heart healthy. In this room, they get to do ten jumping jacks and then feel their pulse to see how their heart rate went up. Everyone outside the exhibit knows exactly when the jumping jacks part of the script is reached. The enthusiasm is obvious.

The organ wise guys are the ‘guides’ in each room, and Hardy Heart is the spokesperson in the heart station. The kids actually get to see Hardy Heart twice. He greets the students when they come in the door, and then he is larger than life on the wall of the heart room.

Hardy Heart welcomes you with a huge smile.

Hardy Heart welcomes you with a huge smile.

Hardy Heart shows that exercise keeps your heart healthy.

Hardy Heart shows that exercise keeps your heart healthy.

In the Heart room, Hardy is exercising, showing the children that exercise keeps him healthy, and it can keep their heart healthy too.  In addition to Heady Heart, this room has a prop that shows a clear artery and a clogged artery. Often, when quizzed at the end, students say they will eat more low fat foods because they want to keep their arteries clean, not clogged.

Music to our ears.