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Snow Day Supper March 2, 2015

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Good Morning Body Walkers!

We know Spring is on the way (hurry, hurry!) but in the mean time, we still have some cold weather to get through. Last week was a rare treat for most of the state, SNOW. It was so pretty and lovely and fun to play in. Many people got to sled on homemade sleds (who has a sled sitting around?) and make snowpeople and enjoy snow cream.

This morning, I heard that part of the state is already under another winter storm watch for later this week. So, now is the time to plan ahead so you can make the most of your snow day(s). Below are some links to tasty crockpot recipes so that you can spend your day playing without having to stop early to cook.

Winter Vegetable Stew

Company Pot Roast

Sweet Potato Gratin

Hope you have a great week, nights of yummy suppers, and that your power stays on.


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