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Updates February 11, 2015

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Good Morning Body Walkers!

It has been an amazing busy time for BW lately. Some of you may know that BW is in many ways a one person job. The BW coordinator (that’s me 🙂 does all the traveling, scheduling, demographic data entry, and I work hard to keep the exhibit in tip-top shape.

The traveling season runs Sept-May of each year. So, to catch you up, here is where I have been since September.  Madison, Humphreys, Marshall, Itawamba, Harrison, Perry, Marion, Hancock, Franklin, Amite, Grenada, Washington, Harrison, and Montgomery were all in 2014. Starting in 2015, I have been to Attala, Lauderdale, Winston, Carrol, Rankin, Harrison, and Noxubee.  Whew. February is almost half over and there is still a lot of traveling to do. Some of you have probably been wondering about the lack of updates. I’ve just been to dang busy to post.

Things have been going really well. I have met some GREAT volunteers and some really funny kids. The new parts of the exhibit continue to thrill volunteers and kids alike. The new brain dome is holding up really well. It is SO MUCH easier to put together. It looks nicer and it is just a great improvement to the exhibit. The volunteers LOVE the new pop up tents. People who helped me in the past remember the old tents that were held together with duct tape and you needed the strength of eight men just to open them up or collapse them down. The new popup tents are holding up really well. All of them still have all their original screws and all of them are still operating smoothly. Considering the handling and abuse they get, this is great news.

There is still a lot of traveling to do before summer. I have eleven counties scheduled to see Body Walk this semester. This summer, (fingers crossed) I will be able to finish updating the oldest parts of the exhibit and replace the beyond-its-age truck. It has been a loyal steed for many years but it is now past its prime. The old boy is wheezing when he walks (overheating when he runs) and it’s just time. I hope to finish the semester with the beast, but time may not be on his side. Guess we will all find out together.

Body Walk is on Facebook and Twitter. If you want more frequent updates, please follow me on there. I share BW specific updates, as well as health news and interesting nutrition information.

Twitter @MSBodyWalk

Thanks for following along Body Walkers. Until next time.


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