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Body Walk in Stone County June 11, 2013

In late February, Body Walk traveled to Stone County. Here, Brad Jones booked the exhibit for his county. We saw kids at two locations,  Stone Elementary School and Perkinson Elementary. We saw K-5th at both locations. This was a long trip, taking most of the week to see over 1100 kids. We had great help at both locations. Brad had plenty of volunteers lined up at both locations so the set-ups and take downs went very smoothly.

Some of our volunteers were nursing students. The elementary kids loved learning about their body and how to keep it healthy. They enjoyed the lively and high energy delivery from the station presenters.  The volunteers told them a great breakfast makes for a great day. To much sugar can lead to tooth decay. Stomachs are happiest when fed nutritious food in the proper portions. Intestines and kidneys love water. Hearts work hard so should you. Lungs want CLEAN air, no smoking! Bones and muscles work well together. Lastly, skin works best when clean, so wash your hands!

There was more to each message of course. The presenters had five minutes with each group to teach the lessons of the Body Walk.

Great volunteers make for a great experience.

Great volunteers

Great volunteers


Enthusiastic volunteers


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