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Body Walk Attala County February 6, 2012

January was a great month for Body Walk. I started the month in Attala County at Greenlee Elementary. This was a GREAT school. Kindergarten though Fifth grade toured the exhibit. These were some of the quietest kids to ever tour the Body Walk. When the exhibit was completely full, and a class was lined up waiting to go in, the noise level was still so low, people on the outside of the exhibit could talk at a comfortable level. This is a rare occurrence and one to be remembered fondly.

Becky Hamilton, 4-H, booked Body Walk for her county. Teachers and teacher assistants helped set up and take down. Several worked inside the exhibit as station presenters. Parents and adult volunteers also served as station presenters. Jenny Wood, counselor, helped organize volunteers and Gay Fancher, Child Nutrition Director for Attala county, coordinated with the school and Extension office. These two ladies worked closely with Becky to make the Body Walk experience smooth and fun for everyone.

Mouth room Attala

A great volunteer showing Mr. Gross mouth in the Mouth Station of the Body Walk.

Muscle station Attala

Explaining how our muscles let us move in the Muscle Station.

Almost 400 students toured the exhibit. The third graders took a quiz when they finished. The quiz tests how much they learned from the exhibit. Looking over their answers, they learned they should drink more water, exercise every day, and eat more vegetables. Great progress and a great start to 2012.


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