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Body Walk in Lee County, Lawndale Elementary March 2, 2011

Lawndale Elementary

Body Walk rolls right along. On February 21st and 22nd Body Walk was at Lawndale Elementary. Beth Randall, 4-H. who booked the exhibit for her county and Jan Garrett, Extension Program Assistant, helped make the event a success.

We saw just over 500 3rd-5th grade students. Lawndale is a very colorful school. One of the great things about Body Walk is how it travels all over MS, seeing all the different elementary schools MS has to offer. This school delighted the eyeballs.

Colorful concrete tables on a patio.

Colorful flowers brighten the most overcast day.

No boring name plaques here. Each teacher has a painted sign outside her classroom.

Our set up, take down, and volunteer crew were student interns from Ole Miss. They were all seniors, majoring in Elementary Education with graduation expected in May. They did a great job. The music, art, and computer teacher also served as station volunteers. We set up in the gym and coach Bo Boatner did a great job staying on top of the third grade quizzes. He had a quiz and pencil ready for third-grader as they exited the Body Walk.

Our brain is INSIDE our head.

Look at that giant tongue behind them.

Two volunteers teach students how and why teeth brushing is so important.

What's that stuff hanging from the ceiling?

Learning about our intestines and the role of villi.

Look at our guns!

Strong muscles let the body move. It's important to work the muscles to keep them strong.

Protect your skin from the burning sun and germs.

The kids and the volunteers had a great time. When the students got to the Pathway of Life (a review of all they just saw), they called out correct answers to all the questions they were asked. Many children wanted to go through again and they all wanted to know when Body Walk would be back. When asked if they would drink more water, and eat more vegetables, they said, YES!

The press came and checked out Body Walk too. Here’s what WTVA had to say about Body Walk.

Next stop, Adams County.


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