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Body Walk in Hancock County, Hancock North Central Elementary November 19, 2010

Early November Body Walk made a LONG drive down to the Mississippi coast. Hancock county is as far south as one can go unless you have a boat, and I feel positive the Body Walk truck does not float although I did not test to be sure.

At Hancock North Central Elementary, the set up went well. We had a great group of volunteers who worked very hard to get the exhibit unloaded and set up. They all did a wonderful job.

The next day, K-5th grade came and toured the Body Walk. On hand to make the day a success were Margaret Howell-Extension 4-H agent, Ernie Harris-coach, Tim Shaw-Art teacher and MSU alum, and many adult volunteers who worked inside the exhibit as presenters.  Margaret booked Body Walk for her county and she had everything very well-organized which made my job much easier.

The kids loved the exhibit, especially the teeth seats in the mouth station. They loved the heat model, the squish brain, and they all want healthy pink lungs. The students also LOVED our youngest volunteer who helped for a long time handing out bookmarks.


James loves to hand out Body Walk bookmarks.


That’s not James’ mom holding him. She was in the brain station, teaching the kids how to keep their brains healthy. James made a ton of friends and he worked hard.

The kids learned a lot from the exhibit. The third graders took a quiz when they finished the tour. ALL of them learned at least ONE way to stay healthy and most of them learned several ways.  Principal Haliegh Cuevas came by several times during the day. While she didn’t get to tour, she got to see the exhibit in action, and to hear first hand from many students how much they enjoyed it.


Pathway of Life. A review of the Body Walk.

At the last station, kids were happy to call out all they learned, and sad that the tour had come to an end.


Next up for Body Walk, Oktibbeha County.


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