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Body Walk in Desoto County: Southaven October 15, 2010

A warm welcome from Hope Sullivan Elementary

Body Walk received a warm welcome from everyone at Hope Sullivan Elementary this week. This school has K-2nd grade, and we saw them all, almost 700 kids! The volunteers were busy. One man helped us although he didn’t know he would be called on to help. When I backed the truck up to the double doors of the gym, I saw a wasp nest right above the door. Mr. Carver, custodian and master wasp killer came to the rescue. I hid in the gym, along with all the other volunteers while he sprayed bug spray onto the FOUR wasp nests above the doors. While I had noticed only the one, he didn’t miss any of them. Mr. Carver even swept all the wasps away from the door so we didn’t have to step on them as we unloaded the truck. Thank you Mr. Carver!

The small nest I noticed, right above the door.

The HUGE nest I didn't notice.

Once the wasps gone, the real fun began. Everyone worked together as a great team and we had the exhibit set up, with a few hours to spare before our first group started. Normally, we set up the day before, but this time, we had a morning set up and kids started touring in the afternoon.

I met several wonderful people, coach Emily Cuccia, or Couch ‘C’, served as a volunteer in the stomach. She even had her own food pyramid prop that was a GREAT supplement to our material. Principal Amanda Crider and Assistant Principal Lisa Nye came to see the exhibit in action. Principal Crider even toured with one group so she could really see the Body Walk in action. Amber McCormick, the school nurse, was in charge of the walkie-talkie. She made sure the teachers came on time. We stayed right on schedule thanks to her diligence. Ms. Moore, who handles all the public relations for the school was the first contact person for Joy Anderson, Extension agent. I have worked several times with Joy and she is always a ‘joy’ to work with. (terrible pun I know, but it’s true!) I also got to meet brand new 4-H agents Jessica Lindsey and Amye Zwersche. Jessica has 5 years of daycare in her background and those skills were put to excellent use.

Thursday, our volunteers were nursing students from Northwest Community College in Southaven. They did a wonderful job. I enjoy working with nursing students, they make GREAT volunteers.

A healthy smile is a pretty smile.

A healthy smile is a pretty smile.


Your intestines are as LONG as a house is TALL.

It was great to learn about all the steps Hope Sullivan is taking to ensure healthy students. They have gotten rid of their fryers in the kitchen, they use whole wheat bread for everything, they have switched to 1% milk, and they had Body Walk come to their school. These wildcats are on the right track.


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