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Body Walk in Franklin County September 13, 2010

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Body Walk just finished up in Franklin County, in Bude Mississippi. Here, we taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders the importance of being smart from the inside out. Cynthia Wilkinson booked Body Walk for her county.

Our volunteers were Extension agents and local adult volunteers. They all did a wonderful job. The kids were well-behaved and the principal was on site most of the day. It is a joy to work in schools where the principal is so hands on with programs.

The kids were very excited to see the exhibit in their gym and they had lots of questions. They loved the teeth in the mouth station. I could hear gasps and squeals of horror every time they saw the diseased black lung in the lung station. They came out full of information. I paused by the pathway of life several times to hear them call out answers as they were quizzed on what they had seen.

Working together to make it happen.

Next, Grenada county.


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