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Body Walk in Scott County: Sebastopol April 19, 2010

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April is rapidly coming to a close and Body Walk just keeps rolling along.

The truck, ready to roll.

Yes, she's parked, but imagine her rolling down the highway.

Recently, Body Walk was in Sebastopol Mississippi to bring the exhibit to elementary students, Kindergarten through 6th grade. Thanks to Anita Webb who booked Body Walk for her county and Misty Arthur who served as the Body Walk school coordinator.

Everything went very well. Allied Health and Student Council high school students served as volunteer presenters in each of the stations. They did a nice job, and the children were happy to hear messages from, in a few cases, an older sibling or cousin.

When the children finished their tour, they eagerly accepted their sticker and activity book. Everything they learned inside the body walk is reinforced in coloring pages, puzzles, fill in the blank, and crossword puzzles.

Sticker and Activity Book


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