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Body Walk Lowndes County: Columbus March 1, 2010

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Sale Elementary, an International Studies Magnet School, was the latest host for Body Walk.

Sale Elementary curtain above the stage.

Here we set up in a cafetorium, a multipurpose room that serves meals and entertainment.

It was nicely appropriate because Body Walk is an entertaining way to learn how to be healthy.

Sharon Patrick is the Extension agent who scheduled body walk for Sale Elementary.  Teachers from the school helped set up the exhibit. They followed directions like the professionals they are and the entire exhibit was set up in short order. Master gardeners, Extension agents, 4-H agents, the Boys and Girls Club director, and other adult volunteers served as presenters in each station.

Body Walk would not be possible without the volunteers, and one necessary item needed for happy volunteers is plenty of water while they are teaching. All the talking they do dries the throat, and since one of the main lessons of Body Walk is that soda is a poor beverage choice, water is essential to have on hand for the presenters to drink. Baptist Memorial Hospital donated the water in Lowndes.

Water-The best beverage choice.

As each child came out of the exhibit, they received their sticker. Their teacher received the workbooks, to be used later, to reinforce all the lessons they learned inside the exhibit. When quizzed as to their favorite part, the mouth won as it always does. Nothing beats the coolness of giant teeth.


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