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Washington County: Avon Mississippi October 8, 2009

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Body Walk’s latest stop was in Avon Mississippi in Washington County. Riverside Elementary School was a new school for Body Walk, which is always interesting. I love meeting new kids who have never experienced Body Walk and who aren’t quite sure what to expect.

Alma Harris from Extension and Geneva Hamilton from the school both greeted me warmly when I arrived to set up. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Taylor who worked at the school were hugely helpful in setting up and taking down the exhibit.

We saw kindergarten through 3rd grade and all the kids were super excited. In addition to the fun of Body Walk, it was picture day. The kids had a ball all day long. Adult volunteers manned the stations.

Alma Harris and Geneva Hamilton

Alma Harris and Geneva Hamilton

One room that really surprises the students is the lung room. It is in here that they see up close what a healthy pink lung looks like AND what a diseased black lung looks like. It is important to make a strong impression on children just how bad, how hurtful, smoking is to a person’s lungs. Never smoking is so much better for overall health than stopping smoking after a person starts.

Windy has healthy lungs.

Windy has healthy lungs.

In the Path of Life, during the review of the lung station, when asked if they will ever smoke, all the kids say NO. That’s the goal, non-smokers for life.


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