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Chickasaw County: Houston Mississipp September 29, 2009

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Body Walk brought the message of ‘Being Smart from the Inside Out’ to Chickasaw County. Thanks to Scott Cagle who requested Body Walk to come, local third graders got to learn how to be healthy from choosing the right foods, to flossing every day, to the importance of regular hand washing and more.

One room the kids love is the small intestine station. They enter this room after leaving the stomach. This room is shaped like a very small maze with a path they have to follow. In this room, they learn why they need to drink plenty of water. They learn more about digestion and how important fiber is to a healthy body.

Peri Stolic

Peri Stolic

Half of the Small Intestine Station

Half of the Small Intestine Station

From here they go to the Heart Station. Children learn so much as they go through the interactive rooms of the Body Walk.


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